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Complete Orlog Game Set

Complete Orlog Game Set

This is a complete Orglog game set. This includes 20 gods laser engraved on Birch (Text in the front or Text in the back) 12 dice, 30 god power tokens, 30 stones, and an laser engraved set of rules. Gods, dice, and tokens are birch wood stained with Danish oil

All stored within canvas bags or a box (if you choose that option). You can also choose a variation with a box to hold all your dice, tokens, and gods as well as use both lids to roll the dice.

I include a golden, silver or bronze coin please state your preference, or I will include what I have.

How to play video:

Text Only: One one side is lasered, the image is a light image of the god, and the text of the power
Image only: One one side is lasered, and its the image of the God
Text on Back: Both sides are lasered, one side has the image of the gods and the other side describes the power (most likely the original came)
Text on Bottom: One one side is lasered but the piece of wood larger, and had the text underneath the image
Imperfects: Imperfects are functional, game accurate but are either off-center or have minor chips/burns in the wood. They will all either be text on the back or text on the bottom.

Size of Set:
1 Set of gods: All kits by default include 30 stones, 30 tokens, 12 dice, and rules. This is enough for both players. 1 set of gods include all 20 gods from Vahalla. If the same God wants to be used, we recommend just place it in the middle.
1 Set + Imperfects: One good set of goods, and one that is functional but something is off ( such as chipped, burned, or off-center)
2 Sets of gods: Same as the base set, but includes 2 of all the gods so a total of 40.
1 Set of gods + Box Kit: Same as the base set but includes the wood to assemble a box (saves on shipping and production time) Wood glue is recommended, let me know if you need some. The box acts as storage and you can roll your dice into it as well.
2 Sets of gods+ Box kit: Same as the previous kit, but includes 40 gods.
1 Set of gods + Built Box: Default set but includes an assembled box with the tokens, dice, and figures inside of it.
2 Sets of gods + Built Box: this includes 40 gods and a fully assembled box.

For those concerned about chemicals and heavy metals, we are using online 100% natural Linseed Oil, with no heavy metals unlike other stains. (in particular Tried & True)

Extra Clarifications:
-My dice just like the game is a set of 6 dice with different sides. To help you keep the sets balanced and fair I number the dice 1-6 on the ax so you make sure you have just one of each dice for each player.
-To make the rules as large as possible, I laser the rules on the bottom box side. (if you order a box)
-To assemble the box set aside the 4 shorter sides with the smaller square, and the 4 longer sides for the larger square. Glue the sides in an alternating pattern of the raven to Oden's symbol.

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